Single Parallel Bar Ladder



Model Number:

Age Range:
5-12 years
Post Diameter:
Safety Zone:
16′ 2″ x 20′
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The Single Parallel Bar Ladder is a unique new twist on the classic style of overhead climber with multiple parallel bars. Instead, it uses a single sturdy bar which is in-line with the direction children move as they cross it. The use of a single bar comes with a surprising number of advantages. Users will not have to keep reaching for the next bar or rung ahead of them. Instead, they only have to keep moving by reaching only as far ahead as is comfortable for them. It also exercises some different muscles in the shoulders and upper arms. By being unlike any overhead climber that they are familiar with, the Single Parallel Bar Ladder is sure to be an interesting and novel activity that kids of all ages will be interested in. And since it comes with small vertical ladders on each end, children of all sizes should have no problem reaching the overhead bar.