Slatted Steel Ash Urn



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The Slatted Steel Ash Urn is a handy spot for smokers to dispose of their cigarette butts, which in turn helps to keep your outdoor location clean and free of litter. It is also an important safety feature. Sand at the bottom of the ashtray ensures that the cigarettes are fully extinguished, and also helps to trap the smell. Additionally, the tall base of the structure helps to keep the cigarette butts out of reach of children and animals. The heavy slatted steel base also gives it plenty of stability, ensuring that it will not be tipped over accidentally. The steel slats also gives it a robust and stylish appearance, which can be improved by coating it with a protective layer that can be given a number of different colors. The large dish of the ashtray offers plenty of space, allowing it to contain a large amount of cigarettes before it has to be emptied.