Spark Series 5-foot Rock Hole Climber


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The Spark Series 5-foot Rock Hole Climber is a plastic climber is a medium-sized plastic climber that simulates the appearance of real rocks. These rocks are less rugged than those of the Spark Series 4-foot Rock Hole Climber, which makes them easier to balance on. The bottom two rows of steps resemble the walls of a fortress or castle, with a detailed appearance of cracks and weathering, giving this structure a formidable appearance. However, the climb is not too difficult, and school aged children should have no difficulty climbing it. The ‘hole’ in the middle of the steps forms a tunnel that is both decorative, and an additional way for kids to maneuver around your play structure as they climb from one side to the other. It is available in a variety of different color options that can be selected when finalizing your play structure.