Spark Series Boulder Climber

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Give your play system a natural, rugged appearance that seems to blend into its natural surroundings with the Spark Series Boulder Climber.  This climber looks like a loose pile of rugged boulders, but it is actually a solid plastic climber. The boulders extend away from the play structure and can be climbed from all sides, unlike most plastic climbers which are only climbed on one surface. This makes it more of a free-climbing structure rather than simply a may to get from the ground to the upper deck. The boulders have a bumpy texture, but are smooth to the touch, and have flat tops that allow them to be climbed easily. The Spark Series Rock Hole Climber looks particularly great with a natural gray coloration as shown in the image above, but it can also be ordered in a wide variety of color options according to your specifications upon the completion of your order.