Spark Series Deck to Deck Dip Snake Ladder



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The Spark Series Deck to Deck Dip Snake Ladder is a fun way to bridge a gap between two elevated deck platforms on a custom play system. Its design resembles that of a traditional rope bridge, which kids are likely to imagine as they cross it. In reality, the bridge is made from sturdy galvanized steel bars with a unique design. The snake climber loops on the floor of the bridge will make children watch their step as they cross, but the parallel bars on either side of the bridge offer a secure place for them to hold onto all along the way. The bridge also has a dip in the middle, which makes it more interesting for kids to cross than it would be if it were simply flat. The bars are made from highly durable steel materials with a baked on powder coating  of paint, which can be customized with a number of different color options.