Spark Series Deck to Deck Wave Ladder Long

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The Spark Series Deck to Deck Wave Ladder Long is a uniquely shaped metal climber which can be used to link two elevated areas of a play system. As its name suggests, this is a long piece which can be used to span two deck platforms that are a considerable distance apart. It has an exciting zigzag shape which make it an interesting challenge, since kids have to climb up and down instead of simply moving to the side. The structure has a high capacity, and can support several children at once. And since it is double-sided, it even allows kids to use both sides at once, moving in opposite directions. This way they will not have to wait if another kid is already climbing on it. The climber sits high enough that children on the ground can easily duck under it to reach the other side, but low enough that they should also be able to reach it and pull themselves up.