Spark Series Half Hex Deck


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The Spark Series Half Hex Deck is a trapezoid-shaped deck piece for use in play systems. This particular piece is often used in pairs to create a large, hexagon-shaped area of deck. This is ideal for creating a ‘hub’ that fits perfectly under a hexagonal roof such as the Spark Series Hex Roof. Each of the three smaller sides of the trapezoid can be used as a point to place a versatile range of playground features, such as a slide, activity panel, barrier, or a bridge or climber that children can use to reach the deck. A hexagonal deck made from two Spark Series Half Decks can support six features, making it an exciting center of fun. The rounded indents at each of the deck’s corners allow for the placement of a 3.5-inch support post that fortifies the platform while elevating it off of the ground.