Spark Series Manhole Climber


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Component Only
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The Spark series Manhole Climber is a metal playground climber which can be used as a component in Spark play systems. It has a series of five rings stacked on top of each other, which children can either climb up the outside edges of, or go straight up through the middle of the rings. The bottom three rings have one half cut away, which allows children to reach the center of them more easily. This gives the m the feeling of nimbly climbing upwards through a tunnel. The vertical bars which intersect each of the rings bend at the top to form convenient handrails which help keep any children entering or exiting the climber safe. This structure also has a built-in entryway with connects to the support posts of the play structure and makes the entryway narrower and more secure. This interesting climber is a great addition to any play structure.