Spark Series Pebble Climber with Rail


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*The Spark Series Pebble Climber with Rail is an exciting way for kids to quickly get around your playground. This is not a ‘climber’ in the traditional sense, as it does not require kids to use their hands. Instead, there are three Pebble Climber stepping stones at increasing heights that lead up to the upper deck of the play system. Younger kids can easily hop from one step to the next with both feet to reach the play structure, while older kids will be able to simply step from one to the next, allowing them to quickly climb this obstacle in four steps. The steps have wide tops with high-traction surfaces, which makes them easy to stand and balance on, and the railings that run along each side of it make them even safer. The three pebble steps, as well as the railings, can be finished with a number of different color options according to your specifications.