Spark Series Pebble Climber without Rail


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The Spark Series Pebble Climber without Rail is a playground component made from three separate pebble steps that lead to an elevated deck of the play structure. Unlike other playground climber pieces, this does not require children to use their hands. Instead, they simply hop or step (depending on the length of their legs) from one pebble to the next. Because of this, the Spark Series Pebble Climber without Rail is one of the quickest and easiest of our ‘climber’ pieces for children to navigate. The three pebble steps have large top surface areas with a bumpy texture that increase traction, which helps kids to balance on them. This model does not include the optional railings alongside the steps, which means that kids will be able directly step onto one of the higher steps without starting at the lowest one. Despite its simplicity, this is an exciting playground element that will be enjoyed by all.