Spark Series Sea Creature Climber


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The Spark Series Sea Creature Climber is a plastic climber imprinted with a charming nautical theme. It’s curved climbing surface is imprinted with three dimensional images of a fish, turtle, starfish, and jellyfish, as well as seashells that stick out so that children can use them as hand grips. These, along with indented ‘tide pools’ offer plenty of places for kids to hang on to as they climb. This adds a splash of ocean flair to any play structure, and looks great alongside other nautical components like the Ocean Climber or Ship’s Wheel. It is made from commercial grade rotationally molded plastic, which is built to last long and handle any wear and tear that can be expected for an outdoor playground. It can be ordered in a variety of exciting custom colors, which allows you to match it with the other components of your play structure.