Spark Series Store Panel

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The Spark Series Store Panel is a simple activity panel which encourages children to play creatively together. The panel has a highly detailed surface, complete with a cobblestone base and shingles roof, which resembles the window of a store or home dwelling. This can serve as the location for countless potential imaginary situations. As the name suggests, the panel makes a great counter for a ‘store’ where kids can come up and pretend to make purchases from the window. The windowsill has a wide base which can be used as a counter for displaying products. Alternatively, this could be the window of a house, and the windowsill could serve as a place for pies to cool. The Spark Series Store Panel has limitless potential uses, and kids will love making it a part of whatever location their play activity demands. It can be incorporated into the base of a play structure to make it feel more like a complete building.