Spider Web Climber



Model Number:

Age Range:
5-12 years
Post Diameter:
Safety Zone:
12′ 4” x 19′ 11”
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The Spider Web Climber is a variation of the Square Net Climber which uses a net with a thrilling spider web pattern. This helps encourage children to use their imaginations as they play, pretending that they are trying to escape from the web of a massive arachnid. The web pattern gives each of the spaces between the ropes a more interesting shape, which makes them more challenging to climb than a traditional net. The pattern also leaves some large space that smaller children will likely be able to slip through. There is no barrier on top of the structure, which allows those who can’t fit through the net to simply climb over it. Since the net is free standing, it is easy to install anywhere without the need for any additional structures to support it.  The net is wide enough for kids to climb sideways across it, or for multiple children to climb on it at the same time.