Square Dog Grooming Table



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The Square Dog Grooming Table is a perfect spa station for dogs, with a number of specially designed features which make it perfect for grooming. Its table top covers an area of 46 square inches, making it easily large enough for nearly every breed of dog, but still small enough that the dog can be reached easily while it sits in the middle. The surface is made from durable perforated steel with a 1/2-inch thickness so that even heavy dogs will not damage it, and the metal is coated with a soft Paw Protect coating, so that it won’t hurt them either. Even the table’s frame is a 4×4 metal beam, making it nearly impossible to bend or break. And it is set at a low height so that dogs can hop right on. The perforations in the metal allow water to drain so that the top of the table doesn’t become a sudsy mess. It even has a dog bone shape in the middle for dogs to rest on.