Square Nexus Pedestal Table with Perforated Steel



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The Square Nexus Pedestal Table with Perforated Steel is a highly sturdy picnic table with a fully symmetrical design. It has a seat on each of its four sides with space for two people each, granting a total capacity of eight people. Each of these seats has its own thick support column beneath it, making them highly stable and giving the overall structure a large amount of strength. If requested, your table can also be custom ordered with seats on only two or three of its sides, allowing the remaining sides to provide easier access for wheelchairs, or to be used with other seating. The perforated steel material which is used in the top and seats of the table is highly durable and coated with a weather-resistant coating that keeps it free from rust or corrosion, even after years of wear and tear. We even offer a special Advanced Coating which comes with a guaranteed seven-year warranty.