Square Single Pedestal Picnic Table with Diamond Pattern

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The Square Single Pedestal Picnic Table with Diamond Pattern is a cleverly designed picnic table with a square table top and up to four benches all branching off from a single pedestal. The composite design is very aesthetically pleasing, especially with the diamond-shaped grating on the surfaces. The sturdy pedestal is more than strong enough to support the entire structure, and makes installation simple since there is only one point which needs to be installed. We offer two types of mounting: in-ground and surface mounting, to enable you to install this great item of outdoor furniture in almost any location. It also has a specialized thermoplastic coating which protects the table against damage from UV rays, rust, and vandalism. It even prevents the table from getting too hot during the summer or too cold during the winter, making this an ideal picnic table for any location and any time of year.