Starship Orbiter

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Model Number: PFN008
Age Range: 2-12 years
Child Capacity: 25-30
Fall Height: 24″
Product Type: Merry-Go-Rounds
Safety Zone: 18′ 9″ x 18′ 9″



Children will be all too eager to blast off on the Starship Orbiter.  Combining the excitement of a round-about with the challenge of a rope climber, the Starship Orbiter brings new ways to play on the playground.  It is comprised of an angled set of ropes and a small door near ground level.   This allows the child to utilize the interior surface as an enclosed merry-go-round.  On the outside, there is an additional difficulty of a moving surface that rocks as they move.  The system works on the child’s vestibular senses, helping  to gain a greater sense of balance and dexterity in moving situations.  Socialization is automatically taught, as half of the fun requires another individual to spin it.  The Starship Orbiter is available in a variety of powder coat paint colors to match your theme or to inspire your color palette.  For scale, there is an image that includes a male figure of average height.


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