Stump Climber


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Are you stumped about ways of how to give your play structure a bit of distinctive flair? Then the Stump Climber is the answer that you have been looking for! The climber is made out of strong and durable material that is molded to look like a rutted tree stump. The ruts that make up the molded tree trunk act as the steps of the climber that lead up to the play structure platform. These steps are placed at various levels leading up to the top of the climber. This design feature of the climber adds even more to the realistic and authentic look of the climber. Since the steps on the climber vary deliberately in their placement, it also makes it easy for children both big and small to reach and use the steps of the climber to get up to the play structure’s platforms. The Stump Climber is a fun, creative, and unique way to give children access to any play structure from the ground level.