Swing Kick-Out Mat

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Playground swings are some of the most used areas on playgrounds by all age groups. This heavy use often creates divots in loose surfacing immediately under the swing seat. Children unintentionally drag their feet to a stop rather than slowing to a stop. That is exactly where swing mats such as the Swing Kick-Out Mat come into use on playgrounds. A single mat can accompany a standard belt style swing seat. The mat is placed with beveled edges facing up and burying the outer perimeter of the mat slightly to prevent any moving of the mat. Now when a child comes to a stop the mat prevents the disruption of the surface underneath. The Swing Kick-Out Mat is warranted for a period of 5-years and like most rubber products made in the USA. The mat is 60×40 inches and 1.5-inches thick. This particular mat is available in natural black only, although color is seldom a concern for most clients. Request a Swing Kick-Out Mat today and prevent unsightly areas from developing into potential hazards.
Unit Size: 60” long x 40” wide x 1.5″ high