Tree House Gear Panel


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The Tree House Gear Panel provides children with a fun shift in the play that they are used to on play structures. The panel is made out of strong and durable material. The frame of the panel is designed and molded to look like a series of realistic wooden panels that have been put next to each other. In the center of the panel is a circular insert that contains a series of interconnected gears. As children turn one gear, they will be mesmerized at how the rest of the gears in the panel turn and shift with it. This panel will captivate children’s minds, as well as set in motion an interest of discovering how things work. It is important to nurture curiosity and creativity in young children, and this panel is a great way to do that. This panel can also act as a barrier that can be used to prevent children from falling off of play structures and injuring themselves. If added to the ground level of a play structure, the Tree House Gear Panel adds an ADA compliant feature to that play structure.