Tree House Maze Panel


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The Tree House Maze Panel is sure to be the bee’s knees and be the flower of any play structure. The Panel is made out of strong and durable material. The frame of the panel is designed and molded to look like a series of realistic wooden panels that have been put next to each other. In the center of the panel is a circular maze insert. The intricate design of the maze looks like a flower with a “START” sprouting off of one petal and a “FINISH” stemming off of a petal of the other side. While play structures are usually designed to encourage physical activity and growth, this panel will help nourish the growth of children’s minds. It will be a thrill to watch children’s minds bloom and grow as they try to figure out how to solve the maze. Adding this panel to the ground level of any play structure will add an ADA compliant feature to that play structure.