Tree House Plinko Panel


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The Tree House Plinko Panel is a barrel of fun, and it is made out of strong and durable material. The frame of the panel is molded to look like a series of realistic wooden panels that have been put next to each other. In the center of the frame is a plinko insert that can be rotated. By rotating the plinko insert children will move the ball that is part of the plinko ball around, causing it to fall and bounce between pegs, before it lands in a slot that has a numerical value engraved in it. There are a series of these slots on either end of the plinko insert, each comprised of a different numerical value. Playing with the plinko panel will teach children about numbers, as well as help to improve their motor skills as they rotate the panel in a way that will manipulate the ball into the slot that they wish for it to land in. If added to the ground level of a play structure the Tree House Plinko Panel adds an ADA compliant feature to the play structure.