Tree House Wheel of Activity Panel


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Make your play structure hum with activity with the Treehouse Wheel of Activity Panel. This panel is a great way to get children active. It is important to instill the significance of a healthy and active lifestyle in to children at a young age. The panel is made put of strong and durable material. The frame of the panel is designed and molded to look like a series of realistic wooden planks that have been placed next to each other. In the center of the panel is the circular activity wheel that children can rotate. The wheel is comprised of a series of tasks to get children active, such as ‘do 15 sit ups’ or ‘climb the tallest climber’. Children will never be at a loss for what to do, as they spin the wheel to see what they will do next. The Treehouse Wheel of Activity Panel can also be used as a barrier to prevent children from falling off of the play structure and injuring themselves.