Triple Station Inclined Chin-Up Bars



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Age Range:
13 years +
Product Type:
Triple Station
Unit Size:
1′ x 14′ 9"
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The Triple Station Inclined Chin-Up Bars are a simple but almost essential item of fitness equipment. These three overhead bars are set at different heights, so that everyone will be able to find one that is a comfortable and accessible height for them. Chin-ups are a very strenuous exercise, but one of the best ways of building up arm strength quickly. Not everyone will be able to do them right away, but with these chin-up bars they can keep practicing until they can. However, these bars are an excellent base for a variety of exercises as well. The bars are made from strong pieces of galvanized steel, which are certain to withstand rust, inclement weather, and any amount of rough physical use. They come standard with a vibrant coat of powder blue paint on the support posts, and silver on the horizontal bars. This structure is recommended for users aged thirteen and above.