Playground Surfacing – Express Blower Truck Installation For Playground Mulch!

J.C. Walker & Sons Corp. is able to provide you with your playground safety surfacing needs.  We pneumatically install your mulch with our Express Blower Trucks. This prevents the need for heavy front end loaders or other similar equipment which may cause damage to the surrounding landscape, eliminating expensive site restoration.

Our playground surfacing mulch meets C.P.S.C. and A.S.T.M. regulations and is supplied in either virgin playground mulch or recycled playground mulch, depending on your needs. Certified and tested playground safety mulch creates a soft cushion and protects children from debilitating injuries caused by falls on the playground.

Regulations require that public playgrounds conform to both C.P.S.C. and A.S.T.M. standards.  These standards outline specific details in regard to type of material and the depth at which it should be installed.  (Consult one of our Certified Playground Safety Inspectors for specific details or questions you may have about your playground.)

Each truck in our Fleet of Express Blower Trucks efficiently applies playground surfacing mulch at the rate of approximately 50 cubic yards per hour, and leaves behind a smooth, unruffled surface. When we complete your playground area, the safe, new surface will look great and reduce playground accidents and injuries. Weeks of wheelbarrow work to create a safer playground area will be gone for good when you call J.C. Walker & Sons Corp.

Please contact us for more information regarding our “Michigan Express Blower Truck” playground surfacing mulch installation service!

Jack Walker